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October 29, 2008



So cute Martha! I love the little cape and cap! So when are you going to sell some of these on Etsy! Hee-hee! Tell Hitty Jean to just find another tree that IS in its masting season! We're dying to know what her acorn craft was!


I love the little cloak Hitty Jean is wearing. Poor little Birdie - such a sweet thing to be homeless. Surely there is someone ...


Your little dolls are very photogenic Martha and so real. Little Hitty Jean is delightful. How clever you are to bring them to life like this.


Tell Hitty I have bags of acorns for my fairies here as they use them as hats. There are no oaks in Alaska so my friends in other states, especially CA where I came from send them to me !!

kelly henderson

I am so impressed that Miss Hitty is internet savy. Wow, what a gal! Do you think she can teach me how to cut and paste, I still have a few problems with that! Hope your kids have a fun Halloween.


Hitty Jean's hooded cape is lovely...I better not let my Hitty see your blog, she'll start demanding for warmer clothes. Keep an eye on those bakery elves...I'm thinking they're going to rescue Birdie...too funny!


Hitty Jean's cape is just darling. Can't wait to see if she teaches the elves how to use the laptop because we all know what they intend to do don't we?


Lovely story.. Hitty Jean is so cute with her cape.
I am impressed, so little person and she know how to use a computer :)

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